Railway Bridge Collapse 1846

Car fire at the school

Doomsday Book - Wicklewood

Newspaper Report - Village exhibition 100 years ago.

Newspaper Report - Diss Express Friday 19th April 1913 - Wicklewood Workhouse

Newspaper Report - Wicklewood Workhouse - 1896

Newspaper Report - Wicklewood Workhouse - 1917

100th Birthday wish from the Queen (Victoria)

The Wicklewood Band

House discovered after it was though to have been demolished.

Shops, Trades and Farms in the early 1900s

Our Collection of MAPS

Local farmer, 70 years in agriculture.

Road signs.

Wicklewood Workhouse.

The Sewer.

Good Companions.

Church Turnstile.

Methodist Chapel.

Wicklewood Inclosure Award.

Diaries of Dennis Wade.

Wicklewood Churches.

Landscape and Archaeology.

The Ashcroft Project.

Iron Age.

Robert Kett.

Forehoe Hundred.


Inhabitants 1845.