Our collection of MAPS

We have a collection of maps of Wicklewood, ranging from 1797 to 1938, which have been catalogued below

One interesting fact from these Maps is that the 1842 map shows the isolation Hospital in Whitehouse lane as being once called the 'Pest House', the place where sick people with contagious diseases were placed in isolation to prevent the spread of disease.

1. From William Faden’s 1797 map of Norfolk

.... Woodrising in the west to Ketteringham in the east

.... Morley Common in the south to Colton in the north

2. 1840 Map of Norfolk divided into Hundreds reproduced for 150th Anniversary of the Norfolk Constabulary 1989

3. 1882 Ordnance Survey Map, Norfolk Sheet LXXIV.9 (scale 1:2500) of Crownthorpe showing

.... Pest House

.... Wood Farm

.... Groundsel Wood

.... Redbarn Plantation

.... Blue Bell Public House

.... Friends Meeting House

.... Site of Chapel

.... Wymondham to Wells railway

4. 1884 Ordnance Survey Map, Norfolk Sheet LXXIII (scale 1 inch = 1 mile)

.... Hardingham

.... Coston

.... Kimberley

5. 1906 Ordnance Survey Map, Norfolk sheet LXXIII.12 of Wicklewood showing

.... Moat

.... Church Farm

.... Wildman Public House

.... Wicklewood Bridge

.... Old Vicarage

.... Primitive Methodist Church

.... Old Village Hall

.... Vicarage

.... All Saints’ Church

.... Site of St Andrew’s Church

.... Post Office

.... Disused Windmill

.... Pencil markings of crops in fields

6. 1906 Ordnance Survey Map, Norfolk Sheet LXXIII.8 of Kinberley showing

.... Wildman plantation

.... Brick works

.... Red Lion Public House

.... Hill House

7. 1906 Ordnance Survey Map, Norfolk Sheet LXXIII.12, Wicklewood and Hackford.

.... Map of Kimberley, Deopham, Wicklewood

.... 1882 Norfolk Sheet LXXIV.9 of Crownthorpe

8. Ordnance Survey Map, Norfolk Sheet LXXIV 2 copies.

.... Wicklewood and Crownthorpe Estate sale with sale details

.... Sale details of The Grove

9. Five sections of Ordnance Survey Map from microfilm (scale 1:2500) of Kimberley, Wicklewood Green, Morley.

10. Copy of 1906 Ordnance Survey Map west of Hight Street together with Revision of 1938 Ordnance Survey Map, Norfolk Sheet LXXIV.9, east of High Street, showing

.... Isolation Hospital

.... Poor Law Institution

11. Map of lands belonging to Ash Windham

12. Sale of Attleborough Estate documents