Car fire at Wicklewood Primary school - 21st September 2015

Children and staff evacuated from Wicklewood Primary School after car blaze
Children and staff had to abandon their lessons at Wicklewood Primary School this morning after a car burst into flames in the school car park.
Three fire crews from Wymondham, Hingham and Attleborough were called just before 11.45am to the blaze in a small car park about 100 metres away from the main school buildings on Hackford Road. They used hose reel jets to put out the fire which had engulfed the whole vehicle. People living in neighbouring villages such as Kimberley reported smelling the smoke.
Headteacher Sheila Greenacre said the car belonged to one of the midday supervisors who had just arrived for her lunchtime duty. “She smelled burning on her way to school but when she pulled into the car park she saw smoke coming from the back of the car,” she said. Although the school initially planned to keep the children inside the fire brigade suggested they be evacuated to another field the other side of the school buildings, she said. “They said there was a danger of flying debris so we did our usual fire drill and the children were brilliant and all completely fine,” said Mrs Greenacre. “Our staff member was quite distraught but the main thing is that no-one was hurt. “There were other cars in the car park but I believe they were not damaged. “Unfortunately the field we had to evacuate to had just been ploughed up ready for reseeding and it had started to rain so if we were going to be there for any length of time then I would have taken them to the church further up the road. “But they were able to go back in quite quickly and get on with their lunch. “It was a bit of unexpected excitement for the children and I would like to reassure parents that everyone was safe at all times.”