Doomsday Book - Wicklewood

THE DOOMSDAY BOOK provides the earliest information on Wicklewood, and is written as Wiclurde and Wikelepude.

Wick - Anglo Saxon.
WIC a dwelling place of one or more houses.
LEY Anglo Saxon. A field or district.
WODE a wood.

1347 - the Black Death killed one third of the population of Wicklewood.

1440 - King Henry VI granted Wicklewood a market and two fairs, which were held annually. They continued for two centuries.

a licence was issued for the sale of the bell of All Saints Church, which had a split in it. As the village was so poor it could not afford to have it mended.

1760-1820 - Land enclosures were enforced in the Village.

1851 - There were 159 houses in the Village.