Newspaper Report Wicklewood Workhouse - 1917

Man drops from Wicklewood Workhouse window in 1917 - Diss Express 2nd February 1917


The Norfolk County Coroner (Mr. H. R. Colley) held , inquest on Friday at Wicklewood Workhouse relative to the death of William Cooper, aged 87, an inmate. Mr. Musto, the Master, stated that the deceased was brought to the Workhouse from Hingham by the relieving-officer on the previous Sunday. There was nothing special on the admission form, but the relieving-officer told witness that the deceased was brought there, because his son, with whom he lived, could not control him. Deceased was placed in bed in the infirmary ward, and the doctor who saw him on Monday reported that his physical condition was good, and his mental condition fair.
At 5.45 a.m. on Tuesday morning the night nurse reported to witness that the deceased had gone out the window into the yard below, distance 16 ft. 4 ins. Witness sent for stretcher and went at once to the garden, where be found that the deceased, who was unconscious and moaning, was then brought in. Witness had him put back to bed and sent for the medical officer, who came immediately, and also later in the day. Deceased died on Thursday morning without regaining consciousness. The marks on the ground indicated that the deceased alighted on his feet. ó Nurse Catlin said deceased was very restive on Monday night, and she had a difficulty in keeping him in bed. He tried to go to the doors, witness had them looked. He, however, made no attempt to get to the windows, which were partly open at the top.
At 5.20 a.m., when witness visited the male ward, he was asleep, but when she want into the ward ten minutes later she noticed that the window near deceasedís bed was open, and that he was missing. She looked out of the window, and seeing an object on the flower bed, reported the occurrence to the head nurse. In witnessí opinion the deceased hung out of the window and dropped to the ground.
Dr Clayton Heslop, the Medical-officer, said the deceased when he saw him on Tuesday morning was evidently suffering from shock. No bones ware broken, but there ware several bruises on his body. He died from heart failure arising from the shock. The jury found that the deceased died from heart failure from shock through accidentally through dropping from one of the infirmary windows, and considered that no blame was attached to any official.