Social History...

(Produced in 2002 and has not been updated, many things have changed since then.)

When the Wicklewood and Crownthorpe Archive was formed in 2004 there was a lot of material to be collected. The founding Treasurer, Tom Ebert had already spent time collating a lot of material into this Social History document in 2002. Much of the material came from Edith Cook (Aunty of Basil Cook, a local farmer) who had been collecting material on Wicklewood and the surrounding area for many years, with help from Jo Cook and others.This webpage makes this material available for the first time without being edited. Time has moved on and some of the information presented has changed. Tom left Wicklewood some years ago and emigrated to New Zealand where sadly he died.

This presentation of the Social Project is dedicated to Tom for his friendship and commitment to the Archive.

Wicklewood Primary School

The Churches and Chapels

Memories Of Wicklewood Church and District in the 1890's

Copy of a letter from Mr Wigby to Mr Ashby, owner of the converted Methodist Chapel in 2001.

The Church from 1895.

Recollections of Wicklewood past and present

Memories of Wicklewood District in the 1890s

Farms and Houses

Village Hall, built 1897

Study of Hall Farm, Wicklewood

Village Life

Local Characters

Village life as remembered by some of the older inhabitants

History, or dates of characters

Landmark on the road to the Welfare State

Historical facts of Wicklewood

Kett's Rebellion

The Workhouse

Land Enclosures

"The Soul of a Village"

Tree Survey of Wicklewood

Kelly’s and White’s entries for Wicklewood

Forehoe Rural District Council

Village Notables

Wicklewood Mill

Wicklewood Workhouse