Social History...

Memories of Wicklewood District in the 1890s

by Miss. Edith Cook. Recollected in the 1950s

Wicklewood Hospital

as it is now called was built in 1777 as a House of Industry, and I remember old people calling it ‘Dustry’ in my childhood I wondered why.
There were no corridors, and I can remember going through the white-washed rooms, and comparing it to a barn as there were no ceilings either.
There were not allowed to go to the village school.
There were also wards for tramps.
The isolation hospital was used as a cottage in my childhood and called by local people the ‘Pestry’, a corruption of Pest House.
It was taken over by the Forehoe Council and turned into an isolation hospital again and two new wards built, one for diphtheria cases one for scarlet fever.
It was closed again when isolation cases were sent to Dereham, but used again when evacuees were sent here in 1939.
The London children nearly all had scabies and other skin diseases and had to be taken to

(The bungalows in Low Street, Wicklewood (Cook's Terrace) were named after Edith Cook)