Social History...

Village Hall, built 1897

There was no community meeting place until the early 1900s when the people worked for seven years to raise money to build a parish room at the cost of 40.00. The Earl of Kimberley provided the site in the corner of the field opposite 'Mr Barcham's Shop'. The land was let to the Vicar at a nominal rent.

In July 1896 the then Vicar wrote "the subscriptions towards the building of our Parish room do not come in very rapidly. We have nearly 20. in cash and a site". He proposed having a jumble sale of the end of July, to raise a little more money and appealed for, amongst other things "boots, hats, bonnets, furniture, crockery ware, books and ornaments."

It was finally built in October 1897, and an appeal was made for furnishings and a bagatelle board. (We do not have a Photograph). This was given in November by Mrs Parker of Burfield Hall. The newly appointed head master (Mr. Pryor) presented small games, of and the Patron of the Living (Mr. Heber Percy) gave 30 shillings. But by 1903 the building was found to be much too small and in 1904 a new one was being built by local labour. The architect was one of the Boardmen's, and the builder, Larner of Dereham. The funding for the hall was given by an anonymous lady and was officially opened on October 5th. The management was to be in the hands of bonafide working men who would hold office for life or "for as long a time as they were resident in the parish".

Newspapers were provided and no religious or political discussion was allowed.
By 1905 it was closed due to lack of support and apathy amongst the villagers.

An early postcard