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1st January 2021 - "Corrected email address error. should be "email.acoombe@gmail.com"

31st decembre 2020 - Also see us on Facebook - "Wicklewood Memories"

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25th November 2015 - Did you know Wicklewood had a band?, see home page.

22nd September 2015 - Demolished house found safe and well, see home page.

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28th April 2015 - Unknown house on home page. Can you Help?

6th October 2014 - News Update

------------ Fundraising for the War Memorial refurbishment.

13th August 2014 - News Update

------------ Wicklewood Archive display at the St Peters Church, Morley

13th August 2014.Norwich War Memorial Trust website added to websites links.

27th January 2014 - Link added to the Wymondham Heritage Museum

18th June 2012 - Asking for help with the Archive Jubilee project.

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15th December 2011 - Diagram of the Wicklewood Sewer 1979 added to titbits

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