Archive Contents

The Archive materials are stored in Folders, each covering an espect of the village, village life or village people. These folders were produced by sorting all material into the appropriate folder and then a member of the Archive group took the folder, sorted it and indexed the contents.

We are at the start of publishing the lists of folders (the Index) seen below. Eventually we hope to have a search engine to allow searches of all folders.

We have a lot of work to do to make this worthy of use and your suggestions of how we can present the materials we have would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks go to Penny Lowe and Al Parsons for analysing the folders below and producing these content lists, and Cynthia Lansdell for producing the Index of Folders.

Index of Folders which contain the Archive Content

Folder A/1/4 - Wicklewood School

Folder A/13/6a - Wicklewood Friendly Club

Folder A/9 - Wicklewood Families and Individuals

Folder A1/1a & /1b - Details of Wicklewood Windmills

Folder A/12 - Wicklewood General History

Folder A/12 - Wicklewood General History Part 2

Folder A9/1 - Wicklewood Wills

Folder A1/18 - Details of Wicklewood Conveyances

Folder A13/4 - Kimberley Foresters

Folder A13/1 - Wicklewood W.I.

Folder A/13/5 - Wicklewood Bowls Club

Folder - Wicklewood hand written indenture