Wicklewood Archive

Past and current archive data for Wicklewood and Crownthorpe.

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The Archive Group have been collecting and referencing new materials as they dribble in. We are always keen to receive items and memories that you feel are of interest to Wicklewood's past. Please get in touch with the team.

The CORVID-19 virus has had Wicklewood villagers in lockdown. Can you help the Archive collection?

The Archive has a huge amount of material about Wicklewood but we are always interested in more.
If you have some spare time, you could help the Archive Group by searching your homes and memories for material that can be saved and recorded for future generations.
We are trying to build an Archive for those who may be very interested in Wicklewood history and Social history in the future.
We are interested in photographs, newspaper articles and your memories of your lives in the village, from your school days, your first jobs, Weddings, Christenings and anything you think would be interesting for future villagers and historians.

Thank you in advance, we can copy items you lend/donate to us.