Crownthorpe is a small neighbouring hamlet which is, nevertheless, within the boundaries of Wicklewood parish. Small though it may be, its archaeological and historical significance is considerable. The former Crownthorpe church of St James, abandoned in 1970 and now in private occupation, boasts a nave dated to the 12th century and the north chapel to the 13th century. Also nearby, but unseen by passers-by because there is nothing above ground level, is the location of a Romano-British crosssroads settlement and temple site. Two Roman roads - one the main Roman west-east highway across Norfolk, leading from the Fen Causeway (Fincham) to Venta Icenorum (Caistor St Edmund), and a second road which may have approached Crownthorpe from the direction of Morley and Attleborough - once converged here. A settlement and temple seem to have developed at or near the resulting T-junction. The Crownthorpe locality may have seen some of the earliest known occupation in the area.

Crownthorpe Church Crownthorpe Pulpit