Memories of Joy Jermany

Memories from Mrs. Jermany herself. Dated 13.7.2002 There was a fruit and veg shop down in Blake and Manns Yard in the 1980s and early 1990s. There was a Brownie unit in the New Village Hall when Diane (My daughter) was small. She is now 29. (This Village Hall was built in 1973) Mrs. Woodrow ran the Brownies then. It is still at the Hall but run by Mrs. Potter, when Diane went, but I donít know who runs it now.. Diane still belongs to the Guides and is a Leader but not around here but at Sandringham, but does not run the unit. One of the old people was Mrs. (Trot) Tuttle, she was nearly 100 when she died but I can remember her dragging logs of wood home to burn on her fire when she lived near the Wild Man Pub when she was in her 80s. The pub was open when I went to Wicklewood in 1959 but I think it was shut when she did this. When I was 4 years old I went to Wicklewood Isolation hospital with scarlet fever. I donít remember much about it except I think when my Mum and Dad came to visit they had to look at me through a door. This was not in Wicklewood Workhouse, but another place not far away.

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