Memories of Ted Jermany

Notes from a letter from Mrs. Joy Jermany, 6 Rattle Row, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0PU dated 11.7.2002 (she formerly lived in Cooks Terrace, Low Street, Wicklewood) I was talking to Arthurís brother Ted on Tuesday and here are some thoughts of his schooldays (he is 79). He was doing some exercises in the playground one day with his class and Miss (Piffy) Cotton, and her knickers fell down, she went indoors fast holding on to them. In the classroom she would often get a small bag out and eat from it, there were sultanas, currants and raisins inside them. She rinsed them down with a drop of totty from a small bottle. He said he always knew when the headmaster, Mr. Bertie Topham, wanted a bath as he would get the job of pumping the water up from the stand pump in the playground. The school house was at the end of the school.

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